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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Pincushions, do we ever have enough?

One day as I was eyeing an Altoides tin, I had a light bulb moment, the three pincushions here are made using the tins.

The top two made for exchanges. The green one is mine (it is green and pink that should be a dead give away, LOL).

The blue one was my first attempt, of this I made two, one went to my MIL and another to Connie on my CQI list. The black one also for a swap on CQI list. The crochet laces were done by my MIL and given to me because she had to many. These are fun and easy to make and a good way to reuse the tins.


Susan said...

Those are wonderful and just as feminine as I would expect from you. =) Maybe you could do a tutorial on how you made one? I love the one you kept. Of course, I'd have to either get out my crochet needles or find a piece of lace that would work. =)

JK said...

Gail, these are adorable! I love that green one. Have you seen the free pin cushion pattern on Dollmakers Journey? It is similar to the one you made that looks like a mushroom.

I want to thank you so much for that tip you gave me about the hot fix crystals. It worked! No more burned fingertips and mess!

Diana said...

The pin cushions are wonderful. Looks like Wyoming suits you. I lived there for 12 years myself and my husband is a "native" Wyomingite.

Lillian said...

how did you make these? they are great.