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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Susan tagged me

Several days back Susan tagged me. I see everyone being tagged and decided it would be fun to give my list. I don't know how weird these things are but here goes.

1. I live in a small 850 sq foot house built off the side off my DH shop. We do plan to build a larger home in the next few years....Lord willing and the money keep flowing.

2. DH, Kirk and I are homesteaders, well sort of....we still have all the modern day stuff, but we like to hunt (well he hunts) and grow our own food, I will be getting my chicken this next spring.
Want to see pictures of that small house and our homesteading in Wy, check out my other blog and the webshot pictures (you'll find quilting and CQ stuff , too). The links are at the right.

3. I love art, just about anything art.........my main fetish is quilting and stitching and I need to have fabric and thread in my hands each day.............unless I get caught up in reading, I have to limit my reading time because it will take over all else.

4. I love rocks, our hill here in Wy is covered in cool rocks and I collect them, I have a garden that is full of pink and green rocks (my favorite colors).

5. I don't think I am very weird, rather boring.................hum what is weird about me? I like to save things and see how I can use them in a different way.

Happy Sunday everyone


Susan said...

Not terribly weird, but a little different. =) That's more room than the 5th wheel had! Next time I visit, you'll have to show me the rock garden!

Gail said...

Your right Susan, I am not very weird, I think I may need to work on that a bit. LOL.