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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Friday, October 20, 2006

To the bag I have added a
butterfly motif, the crystals
are the hot melt kind.

The bag is complete except for the top binding and shoulder strap.
The pretty pink beads on the bottom are a gift from Jill, a friend on
my CQI online group. I just need to find the right material for
a shoulder strap. I wasn't sure how to attach the strap, but saw
the solution while blogging the other day..........at Camille's Place
she has a heart purse featured and her strap attachment is just what
I needed.


desertsky said...

The butterfly and the beads add the perfect finishing touch. Julia is so creative, isn't she?

TeresaB said...

Just love your bag! Beads & butterflies - wonderful touches!

JK said...

Very, very pretty! I love all the beading. I was wondering how you like those hot fix crystals? I have them, but I have a devil of a time trying to make those little crystals stay on the material, as they keep wanting to stay attached to the tip of the tool gun! Any hints on how to make them come off more smoothly?

Gail said...

JK....I really do like the crystals, it is easy to get the crystals out by using a pin and slipping it in the notch in the tip and hold the crystal in place.
Hope this helps.

Gail said...

I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words on my bag, it was fun to do.

Virginia said...


Thank you for your comments.
I am a fan of your blog, and I love the style you use to embellish.

Happy stitching!