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Monday, December 17, 2007

Last Minute Christmas gift

I decided that my granddaughter who is 10 needed a fun purse. So I got out some coral pink satiny fabric and made a little pouch. Then one of my hand painted peacocks in teal with a beaded tail came next. Around the top edge to finish, is buttonhole/blanket stitch embellished with orange seed beads. For the handle, 3 organza ribbons in red, white and gold are braided and attached with a bead on each side. Quite a color combo, but I love it and hope she will, too.

The back view, the interior is of the same fabric. I am thinking she can use it to put her glasses in or something like that. I was given a beautiful little bag this last week and it is what inspired me to make this for Destiny.


Susan said...

It's adorable! Of course she'll love it, she loves you, and she'll want anything you give her. Any little pink-loving girl would want this!

Kyra said...

What a lovely gift idea!