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Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas & Judy's Block

Merry Christmas All

First I want to share a little purse that my friend Susan Nixon sent. Isn't it darling, and it is what inspired the bag I made for my DGD (2 post below). It is perfect for my camera so that is how I am employing it. Thank you Susan for this lovely gift.

I, also, wanted to share some of the additions I have made to Judy's block.

Around the center motif of flowers I have added a beautiful antique lace that resembles tating. I think it really dresses it up. I will be adding more but not sure just what it will be yet. You will notice I have also begun the addition of french knots to the flower centers.

Here you will see a darling seam treatment that looks like a flower border, it is a combo of arrow stitches and french knots, done in DMC floss. I really like this one.

And a "J" for Judy, made with silk ribbon and seed beads. You can also see lace and ribbon additions here.

We are off in the morning for our Christmas trip to Ca. I pray everyone has a Blessed Christmas with family and friends. I am sending big bear hugs to my friends and family who have lost loved ones this holiday season (my own dad's funeral is today) :(

Gods Blessing to All and a Merry Christmas


Susan said...

You are welcome! I love what you are doing on Judy's block. Sometimes the simplest things, like your arrowhead and french knots, look so elegant! Love the lace around the center, too. It's going to be so pretty! Are you taking it to work on in the car?

Franie said...

Your work is so nice Gail. I envy your patience.