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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Slow Cloth

I am so glad to see this subject being tossed around. I can't say it as well as everyone else has but I can tell you that the idea of speeding along has annoyed me for some time. I know many who create a quite a day................I just can't! I can't stay on one project for hours at a time, I will so lose interest in it and leave it by the way side.

There was a time when all this speeding around made me feel bad about my self, until I had a talk with myself, giving myself permission to enjoy the process at my own pace.

I am so into "SLOW" everything (well just about everything, I need to eat slower, LOL). I love the process of things, in fact I really don't like getting things done because I can't enjoy working on it anymore.

So I say................move over mister/ms rabbit, us turtles may be slow but we WILL finish the race and with alot more gained in the process.


Angie said...

YES!!! I didn't realize this topic was floating around---but I'm your 'turtle' seestah!! ROFL I just CANNOT stay with one thing for very long, and yes, I'm always feeling bad about myself for 'not keeping up'. So thank you so much for your timely post!!! I really needed to see that there are others 'out there' like me. :> Happy Holidays!

Susan said...

Good point for slow work. I sort of go back and forth. Some things I see through to the end, and some I pick up and put down and some I speed through and we're done. Just depends on what it is. The Moms Quilt is going to definitely be slow work! =)