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Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create - Party!

Welcome to "Where Bloggers Create" blog party. With over 450 participants, this party promises to be full of inspiration, fantastic spaces, and just plain fun. To visit the other blogs and see how it all works go over to My Desert Cottage for a visit with Karen (or click on the button below).

I am also linking to Pink Saturday, to see more pink posts visit Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound or click the button.

Note: If I have not made it to your blog yet to see your studio, I will. It is June 28th as of this note and I am in the "B's" so as you can see I am taking my time and absorbing each space.

Ok, now to the party......................................

First up........my sewing area. One of the things I like to do is quilting. My sewing area is still in the master bedroom. Two years ago we made an addition to the house, going from 800 sq feet to 1700. This addition includes a new studio on the second level. We are not finished with it yet (we are on the pay as you go plan), so my sewing area is still down stairs. I do have an awesome view, and a bay window to sew in. No fancy sewing table here, but one of our dining room tables.

I wanted to introduce you to one of my sewing helpers. This is Missy Moew. She loves to help sew, she is inspecting the sewing machine to make sure everything is working right and the thread is in the needle.

In this same room I have book cases holding my supplies. The one below holds some fabric,
embroidery threads, laces, patterns and whatever else lands there. I admit I cleaned it up a bit. My sewing table is in the lower corner (just so you can see how things connect).

A close up of my embroidery thread storage, it is intended for use in the garage for nuts and bolts, but works wonderfully for threads and small items. The other containers have smaller containers inside, that I keep my beads in. Also I use several TV dinner type containers (plastic with 3 sections) to hold embroidery supplies as I work on a project for my Crazy quilting. Remember to click the picture for a closer look.

On the top shelf I keep some of my pincushions, laces, ribbons and a picture of my daughter and I.

See, honest it is in the bedroom and I use the bed for a staging area. The white thing standing up in the window is a magnifying lamp. I must remind you if you have one of these lamps to keep it out of the window when you are not working. The sun beats in this window in the afternoon and magnified thought the lamp glass and caught one of my finished quilts on fire, thank goodness I walked in the room and smelled it, what if I had been gone? Very dangerous.

Is it break time yet? All this sewing is making me tired...........

The other, of the two, bookcases in our room holding my sewing things. I won't know what to do with all the room once they are moved to the studio. This holds more lace, ribbon, buttons, beads, patterns and a bunch of other stuff, including Calgon.......which I will use with some dyes for fabric. Now if you will go through the door there, we will head upstairs to the

A collage of some quilts.

As we enter the studio, I need to introduce you to Me Moew. He is enjoying some sun, we have had alot of rain this spring so the sun is very nice.

This room is not finished as you can see....but it is usable, so why not. First up, is my cutting area (well it will be once I move the sewing up here). This used to be in my kitchen, I have now re purposed it. It has good storage space and a nice size cutting surface.

A wider view of the room, over in the corner will be a wood stove to keep things warm (it gets to -25 around here), next to that under the window will be where the sewing area goes. Tile will go on the floor in front of the door. If you'd like to see the building of this room and the rest of the addition visit my Wyoming blog here. This link gets you to where we began on the addition.

A hutch I refinished to use in the studio.

My longarm quilting machine. This room was built with it in mind, it was housed at a friends for two years, so good to have it home.

The back side of the longarm, with drawers underneath for storage.

Looking at the room from the other end. Way over there is my scrapbooking area, we will come back to that in a bit.

Going back downstairs,............I guess, sewing was very tiring for Missy Moew.

Missy Moew is asleep in my chair where I sit to do my embroidery.

A collage of some Crazy Quilting and bead work.

My stitching area, when it is not being used for a nap. To the right are the stairs that lead up to the studio, in fact lets go back up to see my scrapbooking area. After you......

Do you scrapbook? Here is a collage of a few of my things. Don't you just love the word albums, and what do you think of the dog food cans, re purposed and decorated, to hold pens and such?

My work area, an old school table, provides alot of room to spread out. The opening on the other side of the table, is the staircase we just came up, in the background is the longarm and sewing area.

Back downstairs in the dinning room you will find my jewelry area. Inside this desk, with the grandchildren overseeing the work.

Open the door, and you see the goodies.

Lastly a few of my pieces. Jewelry making is new for me.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and you have gained some inspiration. Thank you for coming by, I hope you will come back again. Please leave me a note to let me know you came by.

God's blessing to all.


Kit said...

Oh I love your space. And your quilts are gorgeous. I also have a helper cat and he loves it when I embroider. I lived in Wyoming, in Sheridan, where my oldest daughter was born. Thank you for sharing! Come on over and have a visit! Kit

Queen Bee said...

Your space and your quilts are fabulous! Now I know where people put their long arms!
Queen Bee Studio

zandra said...

Wow, what a space. I love sewing but never have done quilting. So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

DreamChallenge said...

Such fun to see how and where we all work and play. The word "repurposed" is new to me and I love the concept. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to join this wonderful day. Jan

Karen Valentine said...

Oh My!! All that space! Your quilts are lovely, and your sweet kitty is darling. Thank you so much for joining the party and showing us your wonderful work space. Have fun at the party!
My Desert Cottage

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You have many wonderful places to craft, too. Your studio is so gorgeous and well appointed. I have never seen a studio with a long arm machine before. You have a really nice layout. Thanks for sharing this really beautiful and organized space.

donna...@ d. reyné.com said...

I love your little helpers! I much fun!
you have some amazing work spaces!
Have a wonderful weekend

Penny said...

Your Studio will certainly be wonderful when completed - it already looks great
Hope you are having a great week end.

Sandy said...

You have an amazing space to do your work.. and your very prepared for quilting.. I could not get over the machinery you have!!
I do love to quilt but on a much smaller scale...
Following you from MDC party today.. I'll have to be a follower, I want to see your next project...

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Gail, Happy Pink Saturday! Love your new workspace and it looks like you have a little one who looks just like my Simba! My little guy likes to lay in the sun too!

craftyles said...

Your space is awesome. I love the quilting machine and your organizing ideas are great. Thanks for the tour!

vicki said...

Gail - what a happy place you have. I would love to have a sewing machine sitting in a room with such a view as yours! I love your beautiful creations - you must be such a patient person! And that kitty - how sweet - we love kitties too!

If you want to talk about a nest sweet Gail - please email me. My email address is on the right hand sidebar of my blog. I will make one for you!


NanaNay said...

I love your space. I would love to have a room that large to make into what I wanted. I'll be looking forward to seeing it when it is complete.

And yes I do scrapbook.

Jennifer said...

Wow... what a space you have!! SO much room, that is wonderful. Your quilts are just stunning. Thank you for the great tour!

Halle said...

Unbelievable space! You are very fortunate... Love the hutch you refinished!

A Write Life said...

Beautiful space. Love it. I lived in Sheridan for a number of years.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What an amazing space you have created! You have inspired me to add to my own crafting area.

I adore all of your storage solutions.

Denise said...

You are one busy lady! I had read your other blog and didn't realize it was you! Your kitties are just tooo cute. I love your quilts and always am in awe of anyone who quilts. It just looks like something I could never master. Either in patience or in skill. Your home is coming along beautifully. We will actually be in Cody in a couple of weeks.

Terri said...

Love the kitties and love your creative spaces...Wow!

Janet Bernasconi said...

I wish I could make a quilt. I know how,but no time..lol I love your work space. And your cat is adorable. I really enjoyed my visit.
Have a wonderful day,
Janet's Creative Pillows

Miss Sandy said...

How you must anticipate moving into that new awesome studio! I love your little helper, so adorable. Thank you for sharing your beautiful fabric art and creative haven.

Jillayne said...

Wow what a room! It will be even more fantastic when it's finished - l love the windows and all that space. I bet you are glad to have long-arm home- two years is a long separation. And your helper is too funny! Thank you for the tour, I enjoyed it very much.

Debby said...

My goodness, you are so creative and have such a beautiful space to work in. Your kitty is very sweet and so nice to help out. I am amazed at your beautiful quilting. That is so great to be able to have your quilts up, a dear friend of my mother's was a quilter and she always had a quilt up in her basement, she would have been in awe to see a room like yours. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Gail,

What a fabulous room! Keep on, keeping on..you'll have the way you want it! I'm a sewer so all the different machines excite me..LOL Thanks so much for sharing your studio with me.

I'd love for you to come over for a stroll through my studio. It's been an ongoing transformation for almost a year since I moved in to our new home.

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Gail;
What wonderful spaces you have for creating your quilts and needlework pieces. Thanks so much for the great tour.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wow ~ what a great new space! I had no idea it got that cold in Wyoming. Enjoy it!

Angela Weimer said...

thank you so much for the wonderful tour. What great spaces you have and such wonderful tools...I cannot wait to see what your completed space looks like. Thansk for sharing. Angela

luluslovlies said...

Great space and a long arm quilter, that for me will just be in my dreams I'm afraid, but thats OK I'll stop by every once and awhile and check in on yours. You are blessed to have so much space, love your red cabinet you finished, looks great also. Blessings to you and yours and I'll say a prayer for your daughter. XOXO

. said...

Thats an amazing space you have there, the light and the cottage feel to it all, very nice. Thats some machine, never seen a quilting machine before, didnt know they are that big (learn something new each day : )

Very nice and thanks for sharing.

Sylvia Drown said...

Wow! Your creating space is fabulous...as are your quilts! You have so much room!!!Thaks for sharing and thanks for dropping by Baxter's Mom and leaving such a nice comment!

Melly said...

wow! your space is so big!! How lovely to be entertained by your kitty cats while you work, it must bring you many smiles.
Have a lovely week!

Creative Grammie said...

Wow, thanks for the tour of your creative spaces! I love the space you have for your long arm, how lucky you are. I also enjoyed looking at your collage of quilts.
Thanks for sharing.

Tins and Treasures said...

No studio is complete without a cat or two. It looks so cozy and inviting there.

Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. Have a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie

Anonymous said...

Lots of room!!!! And you have industrial size machines there! I love your kitties. I have 3 who also "help" me in the craft room. One sleeps in a wooden box on the desk, one sleeps in a wicker laundry basket and one sleeps on the floor cushion. Of course, the only time I can get anything done is when they are sleeping. If not, then I have to watch every move they make, they like to eat tape and plastic, silly cats! Thanks for sharing. Marcy

NanE said...

Hi Gail! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Thanks too for the tip on wrapping the batting on the sticks first, I never would have thought of that! Your quilts are amazing! I grew up in Amish Country in Ohio and have always had a deep appreciation for the art of quilting and the work that goes into creating them. Have a great weekend! Nan

Calico Petals said...

Thank you for visiting Calico Petals.
Your quilting creative space is lovely.
I love the big bay window and the wide open space.
I envy your large area. My studio is tiny with small corners.
Thank you for caring and sharing.
Jill @ Calico Petals ♥

Shelly said...

Morning Gail!

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving a lovely comment! (I started in the "R's" and have almost gotten through the T's!) Shew!

Wow,,,how nice to have a space designed to fit your needs! Love the red cabinet that you re-did too! And your kitty's are adorable and such great helpers! I'm surprised one of mine isn't perched up here between the keyboard and the monitor! Lord knows what will happen if I get a laptop!

Off to work at Joyworks,,,the cute little shop I work at here in town! Jana does a fun blog for Joyworks listed on my sidebar if you want to pop over for a visit!

Raining in Washington,,,tomorrow too! Wet 4th,,,as usual!

Have a great weekend, I'm going to follow you too!


The Catnap Cottage said...

What a great space - love the wood and the hutch! Sometimes it takes time for things to happen, I waited 30 years! LOL! Thanks for sharing! It is awesome and a great space to create!!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

HI Gail,
Now I am really inspired after visiting your creative space and beautiful blog.

SO nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by and your kind comments.
I love the large space you have and all your creative ways for storage. You sure have an eye for beautiful. Love your sweet kitties too! I am sure they keep you company like my Miss B does.

Your work is gorgeous!!
So enjoyed my visit and now a happy follower too.

Blessings to you!!
Celestina Marie

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

You have added quite an addition! Your new studio look fabulous. What a joy that room will be for you. Thank you so much for the tour and for sharing views of your wonderful creations. Thank you for visiting this morning and leaving the lovely note. Connie

franie said...

I am so envious of your new sewing area. I love your home--you two have done wonders with it. I remember when you first moved to WY. You should have come further north as you are true pioneers. Great pics Gail. Thank you for sharing.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What gorgeous quilts you've made and oh, that space for the long arm quilter! Aren't you a lucky girl? I LOVE the red hutch you painted.

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

I Love your creative spaces. Your studio will be marvelous when it's all done. it'es even great now. LOVE the red hutch!

Your quilts are beautiful and i love the crazy quilts and beading. I want to make a crazy quilt at some point. I have my great grandmothers crazy quilt. It is torn and the batting has mostly fallen apart but I am thinking of cutting the good pieces of the top and using them in some way.

Thanks for the encouragement to make my studio in the woodlands.
happy day!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your new space looks huge and I think we all envy you just a teeny bit. Of course long arm machines take up lots of area so they need a big room. Thanks so much for inviting us to visit.

Sherry F. said...

What great helpers you have! I really miss my helper although she tended to get hold of things and chew them to give them that distressed and textured look. LOL! I am a scrapbooker and am wondering if you make and sell the word albums? I am new to blogging and am so excited to be a part of this new world in crafting. Well, new to me anyway. Thanks for sharing~ Sherry w/Scrapping With Sherry