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Sunday, December 10, 2006

A tree?

I thought I would share these pictures
with my blog readers. We were not
going to decorate, because we are going out
of town for Christmas. Our friend found
out about it and decided I needed a
tree, so this morning they went to get
theirs and brought one for us, too.

So, I did decorate after all and here is
the result. It was fun to do and I am
glad for it as I have been rather
Since our move all of our things have been packed away, and
the ornaments are still MIA, so I used what I could find.

I also fixed up the top of my display case, and added a few items

I like snow people and this is
a little display of them, over
my computer.

And over the top of the
cabinets, lights and

Tomorrow we will put up
the lights outside.

It feels alot more like Christmas.

Thank you for sharing my day of decorating.



Susan said...

Gail, I think the tree looks great. I love the angels. The whole place looks and feels Christmasy now, doesn't it? I like the garland above the kitchen cabinets, too. Great job, glad you are feeling more in the season!

Ribbonwiz said...

Your decorations look lovely...really gets one in the mood for Christmas with some decorations around..