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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Reflections 2006

I thought it time to do some reflecting, this will accomplish several things. It will first help my readers get to know me better, secondly it will remind me how far we have come, thirdly it will help me move into the new year with these things recorded and tucked away.

I am going to start in June of 05 and briefly fill you all in on the very beginnings of our move to Wyoming. It all began of course 5 years ago when we decided we wanted to make this change from Ca.

** In June of 05 things started happening fast, (some things came to a head and forced us to move things up 6 months) we began packing and moving making 6 trips, 1,000 miles one way to our new home. The stress was high, hauling a large box trailer on the back of our truck. We completed the move in Oct 05.
** Living in a 5th wheel, that we had brought up summer 05 we began building our small house on the side of our shelled in shop. Kirk and I did this ourselves, every aspect. We were able to move into our bedroom on Thanksgiving. To read more about this, with pictures and details go to my Wyoming blog
** Set up a water system, where we still need to haul water. More details on the ups and downs are on the Wyoming blog. We get our phone and internet connection in late October.
** Up to the mountain to cut fire wood, twice. We heat wood only.
** Kirk mills wood for local rancher.
** Returned to California for Christmas.

New Year 06
**January - Our first dealing with subzero weather.
Kirk begins finishing the inside of his shop, no heat in there so it was slow going. I finish unpacking and finding places for 1500 sq feet of things into 800 sq feet.
** February - we get a cabinet job, (realizing that since our move Kirk has not had a "job", we will be working for ourselves now). Susan and Paul confirm they are coming in June, we will do some cabinets for their 5th wheel. Susan and I also make plans to attend retreat for our online quilt group in Montana. I begin my Wyoming blog.
** March - I acquire my longarm machine, after several months of figuring where I will put it, a friend offers a space. We make the 3 hour trip to get it. Wahoo. I start work on quilts for 4 grandchildren, and find fabric for quilt for friend.
Kirk finishes up the cabinets. My mom has a heart attack.
We get a job for a kitchen and laundry room remodel in a town 25 miles away.
** April - Spring is here. I am learning my machine. We are working 3 days a week on the remodel. We begin to plan for further improvements here at home.
** May - We take a trip to Ca. for youngest daughters graduation from college. Work continues on the remodel and will until November.
Kirk buys a skid stear for doing dirt work.
Kirk mills more wood for rancher
Kirk builds a custom dresser for a gal in town.
We put a patio on the house and bring in some gravel, move the 5th wheel to a better place to house guests, add some steps and a fire pit. My swings go up.
We got TV.
I get talked into joining in on the group garden, this requires alot of work and away from home. I have 3 rows....what was I thinking.
** June - Paul and Susan come, we go off to retreat while the guys build cabinets. We had a grand time. Continued work on remodel. I begin work on quilt for niece for graduation. We do a plumbing job for a family in a near by town.
** July - Samantha, Andy and boys come to visit, from OK. We then made another trip to Ca. so Kirk can work with his Dad on a big cabinet job. The garden is a wash, I just do not have time to put into it. Started my CQ blog.
** August - We make our first wood cutting trip up the mountain. Kirk begins the cabinets for the remodel we have been doing. I take my first client quilt. Kirk is offered a job with a friend on a new house (weekends). He is offered another job on a couple in town and begins work on that, this is only a few weeks. We get a new puppy, Rusty.
** Sept. - Josh, Michele and kids come for a visit. Kirk's parents come a few days later for a visit. My mom has surgery for lung cancer. I do several more client quilts and begin quilting for American Hero quilts. We find out we are going to be grandparents again.
** October -- we get our first snow. We bid on a job to replace all doors in a clients home. Hunting season begins, I work at the restaurant for a few days doing dishes.
** November - We finish up remodel job. Do a counter top for a girls home, a small wall unit for another client, as Kirk continues working weekends on the new house with friend. I am finishing up grandkids quilts. Kirks, Grandma passes away. Started my Esty shop.
** December -- We bid on 2 cabinet jobs and get them. We bid on another cabinet job and are awaiting word. My uncle and a cousin pass away. We make a trip to OK to spend Christmas with Samantha, Andy and the boys.

I think that is it, close enough anyway. I completed about 15 quilts this year, some from start to finish some only the quilting for others. Was involved in 3 RR, and several other swaps. Made soap and lotions and even learned to make mineral make up. Decorated our house, and began a rock garden, grew some lettuce and tomatoes. Went for some hikes/walks and for outing into the 'outback' with DH. Attended a craft group and library group off and on.

I suppose I have bored you all long enough, if your still with me. I thank you for hanging in and getting to know me a bit. I look forward to this next year and hope it will be a little bit slower and I won't have to juggle things quite so much.

New year blessings to each and every one.



Lori (A.K.A. Elkhoundmom) said...

Sounds like you have had quite a year ! With all that going on, it is amazing that-you also finished so many quilts! Thanks for helping us get to know you.

Susan said...

It has to be better this coming year - lots less moving and building on your own place - until you are ready to start the big one. =)