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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ya know how some days are.....................

Ya, know how some days are just really special.........full of little surprises. Today was one of those days.

First thing when I get up I like to open up the curtains and see the day, I looked up the hill from us and what did I see..............8, yes 8 deer grazing on the hill above our little house. The hill belongs to us so it is fun to see these beautiful creatures on our place. I took this picture thru the window of our bedroom. Three of the deer are young bucks. That is the town water tank up there.

Our little dog Rusty thinks he is pretty bad and goes running up there barking, I think one of the deer must have charged him, cause he stopped barking and they ignored him. One of the doe, came within about 30 feet of this window a bit later and I did not have the camera ready.

Though I do have this one of two doe a bit closer.

Just a few minutes ago (3:30 pm) the deer were back up there feeding. Yesterday on our way back from town we saw no less then 300 deer while we drove down the highway, had to stop for a small herd of about 10 crossing the road, including a big beautiful buck.

Another blessing today, though it did not start out being one.......or so I thought. I wanted to go to the post office, and with the snow covered hill I needed to use my jeep, which has a flat..the car wouldn't start and though I got the quad started it would not stay that way. So I decided to walk to the P.O., which is 1/4 mile away. What a beautiful day to bundle up and go for a walk. Just yesterday I said I needed more exercise and I got it today. The sun was shining brightly, the snow glistening, the air cold but still, the creeks flowing under their ice covers. Wonderful.

Yep, it has been a day of small blessings. The sun is getting ready to set already, the day goes so fast. I am working on some additions for my Etsy shop, I will post those in a bit.

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Charlene said...

Blessings, yes; small, no. Don't you just love nature? This morning I watched three jay birds for a while, but was afraid if I went for the camera they'd be gone. Will try to remember it in the morning in case they revisit.