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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Christmas Stocking #2 - details

Oh this is going to be a lovely stocking. I am enchanted with the way it is progressing, I just hope it continues. First, a look at the whole stocking. The big white fabric in the background is the foundation fabric and will be trimmed away later.

In this close up you see the silkie that came with the April- Treasure Club by Evening Star Design.. The trim around the silkie was included in a goodie bag from my friend Jill Phillips and the beautiful flower motif came from my MIL when she was cleaning out some of her things. She had a bunch of fabric and trims she had acquired and did not want, isn't the motif fantastic? I have been saving it for a long time waiting for the perfect project.

remember to click for a close up

Here you will get a better look at the ribbon and lace also included in the Treasure Club kit. Isn't this 1 inch wide ribbon wonderful, it is so elegant? The ribbon is edged in button hole stitch using Wildflowers by Caron, in pearl, which was also included in the club kit. This same thread using the herringbone stitch holds down the rick rack. In the valleys some straight stitch with french knots add a bit more decoration.

Below the lovely ribbon is a delicate lace (also club kit) that is tacked down over a seam, I am thinking about some roses with pearl centers along this seam, too.

Now for the back of the stocking. The trims from the front are being used on the back as well, to give the stocking completeness.

This center motif is a crochet piece that my MIL made and is the center piece of the back, it is not done, not sure just what I will add, just know it is not done. I have removed the lace from the toe and will do something else there. That's it for now, another installment in a day or two.


Gerry said...

Just gorgeous! The creams and whites and golds are one of my favorites. The siggie is beautiful. You've embellished it perfectly!

Susan said...

Oh, this is even prettier than the last one. I love that ribbon, too. I always enjoy seeing what you do to hold down the ribbons and lace.