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Monday, August 20, 2007

Christmas Stocking #2 - front details

It is done..........well the front is done.

This first seam is across the toe. Done in DMC floss the buttonhole stitch is shaped into a pinwheel which hugs a pearl. It is a delicate seam treatment and I feel fits perfectly here.

Next comes the center piece. First to the ribbon white seed beads finished if off nicely.
Below is a silk ribbon motif that I fashioned with 3 roses below it swags made of pearls, and the hearts and star where in the Evening Star Designs, Treasure Club pack.

The beaded seam next to the motif has organdy roses and lots of beads and pearls. Remember to click for a close up.

The completed stocking front. Now on to the back. Enjoy!


Susan said...

Front looks great! I love the roses and silk ribbon in white, as well as the beady trail next to it. So attractive and so different!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Hi Gail! Thanks so much for your sweet comment over on my blog...I really appreciate it.
Your stocking front is just lovely! Those curled ribbon roses are something I've never seen...really cool, esp. with the little beads dangling down. Santa will have to take time to admire it before he fills it this Christmas!

Candi said...

Oh Gail it's just gorgeous! Can't wait to see it completed. Your work is just so incredible.