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Monday, August 27, 2007

Studio Work Space and Storage

I have seen others sharing their work space and storage ideas so I thought I would share mine.

Most of my embellishments and tools are stored here on this book case. My work area is at one end of my bedroom so it is not large and fabrics and other items are stored about the house. Below I am showing some close ups, but remember you can click on the picture for a larger view if you'd like.

I was trying to figure out how to store my thread and decided that the nuts and bolts cabinet for the guys shop would work just right, now I do need another one, but room is shy so for now this will have to do. This is only my DMC and Rayon flosses.

On this shelf are some beads and SR (right), tools, and lace storage. The basket holds some purple bags I collected and may use one of these days.

Next are my beads, buttons, jewelry, motifs, some of my SR, pen and some machine threads.
I found that plastic tackle boxes work wonderfully for these supplies. Another item for beads are the containers on the left front, which have smaller boxes inside, I really like these because I can take the small containers anywhere and just pop the lid and stick my fingers in there for a bead.

A close up of the little containers. I got these at Harbor Freight, need more. The have some with larger little containers, too.

A close up of the tackle box, and below of one of the containers.

Here we have my sewing machine and cutting space. Outside my window is where we stack the winter wood, it is now very full of wood and I told DH, that I had a view of the woods. LOL.

In the living room is where I sit to do my hand work, the quilt on the chair is from my friends on one of my online quilt lists.

That is it, nothing to grand, but it works. Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Candi said...

Hey Gail, comonna my house, comonna my house! tee hee wow what great organization! I could sure use you!

Deb Geyer said...

I did enjoy the tour. Thanks!

Pat Winter said...

I love to see where other's create. It was a wonderful tour, I must admit I almost grabbed a handful of your crystals...whoops!