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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nice Matter Award

[Nice+matters+2.jpg]Susan gave me this award, I am so honored....Thank you Susan!

I would like to give this lovely award created by Bella, to;

Kate at High Altitude Gardening, thank you Kate for your gardening inspiration.

Susan....back at you friend.....Susan has been a most generous and supportively friend and is most deserving, to receive this award again.

Fran....who has been a good friend from the time we met on QOR, thank you.

Veronica....who has been thru a very tough year and is always supportive of everyone around her and boy oh boy can she turn out the quilts

Jo....who has been given this award a couple of times, I would like to add my award to her stack.

Debbie....such an inspiration in all parts of her life and always publishes an uplifting blog.

Annie.....thank you for so generously sharing you talents and techniques with us.

I am honored to give this award to these lovely ladies for sharing so much in my life.

The award is to recognize truly nice bloggers, hopefully the award will move all over blog world. Ladies if you have not already, now it is your turn to tell some special bloggers you think they are "NICE".


Susan said...

Gail, how kind of you! Words of friendship are the very best kind, and I appreciate you. BTW, I told Carolyn to come look at your stocking today. I thought she might like to see the beautiful thing you are creating with the March Treasures Club!

Veronica said...

How nice of you to think of me, Gail. I appreciate your kindness. And, I absolutely love the new stocking! Can't wait to see it finished.