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Saturday, August 04, 2007


Blogs are for all kinds of things, sometimes even a rant.........................................

I am feeling quit disappointed at the moment. I asked a group of ladies what they thought I should price my Christmas stocking for if I should decide to sell it. I was thinking $45.00 would be a rather low but ok price for something with all the fancy fabrics, laces and glass beads, not to mention all the hours I spent on it. My husband said $75.00. I am getting answers of $15-25....$30.00 at the most (and comparisons to Wal-mart). Talk about a disappointment, some of that lace is $4.00 a yard. Heck I spent 10 hours on the poinsettia alone.

So I guess I won't be selling it, I'd rather give it away then sell something like this for China prices.

I give up, I have tried to find something to sell that might give me a little income and everything is a bust because no one wants to pay a decent wage, be it CQ, quilts, longarm work, glass work, soaps, lotions...so I give up. I am not going to try anymore, (some people look cross eyed and can sell a rock), I could not sell ice cubes in hell. My Etsy shop is closed as of now.

Thanks for listening if you read this far.



Candi said...

Oh Gail, I'm sorry you're so bummed about it all. I know, having been in business for 25yrs. people don't want to pay what it's really worth. It's a rare find of those who do. I'm with you, I'd rather give it away than sell it too cheaply.
Lots of HUGZ:)

Jo in NZ said...

Gail,I feel for you, It is a sad fact of life that people just are not willing to pay for handmade crafts these days. As Candi says, it is a rare find to come across someone who values hand made goods. Thats why I enjoy RRs so much, at least those getting my work appreciate it.

Edie said...

I so hear you... I'm sorry your buds weren't more supportive; that in itself is discouraging! And personally, I think $45 is way too low! I wish I knew how to promote CQ so that more of us could make a living with it, or at least a little extra cash. I sometimes trade with people, but more often I give my pieces as gifts, as people don't value my work. Trading works because the other person has put a lot of time into their artwork too, and I feel I get my money's worth.
You made a beautiful stocking! I would just sit back and enjoy it!

Charlene said...

I agree with your 'rant', but also think that's the good thing about Etsy. You can assign the price you think it deserves, and if someone wants to buy it they can or not. At least you feel you're getting a bigger audience... Go over and take a look at some of the familiar names there and see how they price theirs.

Gerry said...

Gail, I feel for you. I know how disappointing it is when you put your heart and soul (and pocket book) into a project and then people think you should 'discount' it out.

And I believe that there IS a market for these beautiful, hand worked pieces. Don't be discouraged by the 'bargain bin' buyer.

Maybe you will reconsider.

Pat Winter said...

Gail, it is very hard to sell quality handmade items. Many people feel because you made it, it shouldn't be worth much. They do not understand that we may sometimes cover cost of supplies, and I say sometimes, but our time is never paid for. I play around in Etsy, and surprisingly have done well but kept prices way low for the quality. I now only do juried local shows where I get what I am worth. Also, I sell my purses on Rudy Tag Bags where buyers know One of a Kind hand made means quality and no copies. Don't give up, just do more research.My Etsy customers have become friends and I love to send extra goodies to them. After all, that is part of CQ, to share. The smiles I get in return are payment enough.The stocking kits are worth more by the way!

Lady C'Que said...

Oh, Gail!
I'm so sorry you feel down! I really understand.... it's such a common problem. I experience it every day in my commercial embroidery business. Sometimes I have to price a little low just to get the business to grow by word of mouth. I'm such a perfectionist that I tend to "over kill" a project at times, but thats why one customer keeps coming back. giggles....she says I can do anything! LOL!!! Well.... I try, anywhoo!!! Don't give up. Its just a moment and the forum that you were talking to. There really is a way to make $$, it just needs to be explored more and if all of us band together, it will make a difference there too. Hang tight!! It'll all work out! Many hugs....

Cathy K said...

Gail, you express the frustrations of so many of us who try to make some money on our art. What I have found is that I do things I love (labor-intensive CQ work) for myself or for gifts. The sale things I keep simpler. Examples would be aprons with a CQ-patch pocket or pillows. On the pillows, I have one that is made up completely (with backing that allows pillow form to come out) and then sell standard-sized covers that they can add their pillow form to. And unless it's a commission, I don't use THE BEST materials. If I dye the lace, most consumers won't know if it was $4 per yard or $1.50 py. LOVE YOUR BLOG .... don't be discouraged!!

kay susan said...

Gail, I can identify with you right now! I made 'minipadfolios' and I was really pleased with them. I took two of them to the WI to be put in with the raffle prizes, I thought that would be a way of finding out what people thought of them. Well, I found out. My nice piece of work went to the very last ticket holder, after a four pack of marked down, almost past their sellby date, tins of baked beans!