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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Comfort Quilt

Look what the mail brought me. My friends from my online group Trading Fabrics have sent me hugs in this beautiful Comfort Quilt.

I am a very bless girl to be so loved by these ladies. Just look at how pretty, all in pinks and browns and hearts. To cute.

Some close ups of the different hearts.

Here are both of my comfort quilts, they are so pretty. Thank you to my friends on Quilts on Review and on Trading Fabrics for the love and hugs, this really helps fill the hole left by my Dad's passing.


Susan said...

Gail, it's gorgeous. Moira does such wonderful things with everything she gets. I love that girl's imagination. You know we all love you!

Franie said...

Awesome! I was wondering who put that together for you Gail. I love how it looks. Just think of all the love that went into the quilt just for you. Hugs from all of us at TF.

Charlene said...

What a lovely, heart felt gift Gail. I hope it gives you peace and warmth!