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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Judy's Block detail 7 and A Wedding Dress

I guess you'd say it really is details 7-11. LOL. This is the left bottom corner of the block.

The hearts are done in variegated Sassa Lynn thread, I also used Carole Samples templates to get the heart shapes just right.

Also using the templates for the diamond shapes, done in bright pink rayon thread, with soft pink seed beads added.

The rick rack, is dressed up with purple perle cotton french knots.

Finally, the 4th seam on the right is done in DMC floss, adorned with dark green seed beads.

A couple of weeks ago a wedding dress was offered to the first taker for $10.00. Well, I could not resist even though I had not seen it. So for $10.00 plus postage (another $11.00) I got this very pretty dress. Now do remember to check out the close ups.

Just look at all of that satin and lace! I wanted to share it with you all before cutting into it.

The top is just covered in lace motifs and sequins, the back is equally covered. Below is a close up of this pretty lace.

The bottom of the skirt also has a nice lace to gather for CQ work.

Also in the deal that I did not know about was this hat with lots of tule and satin roses. I think the hat will make a fun wall hanging for my studio, maybe with a little more embellishment.

I'd say I got a great deal. Just look at all of that good fabric for a little bit of nothing.


Susan said...

That wedding dress is really beautiful, and I love the idea of using the hat on your wall!

These seams are all so unique! I love the diamonds, and am thinking I have to do that - so it won't be quite so unique any more. The SL threads look great, don't they?

Judy S. said...

Wow, you really scored with the dress! Your block looks very nice; I especially like the hearts.

Judy S. said...

PS The answer to my "puzzle" is on my blog now if you feel like looking!

Charlene said...

Great stitching! Those hearts and diamonds really show the value of the templates, don't they!