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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Judy's Block

Happy New Year to All.

I know I am a bit late in posting, the flu/cold bug have been visiting my house, today is the first day I have felt like something other then a lump of yick.

I want to share with you some progress I have made on Judy's block.

First to the center, a flower motif on top of one of the print flowers to give the work some dimension. I plan to add more french knots and some beads to enhance all of the flower centers. Not sure what else yet, but was looking at some glass leaves.

On this seam (the picture did not come out to great) is a zig zag lazy daisy (detached chain) in turquoise DMC floss with gold seed beads to trim.

A fan stitch with french knot, in Sassa Lynne Perle Fine, Purple Zing.

A fan in blanket stitch, cream 2 strand DMC floss with a flax pearl. I used Carole Samples template to help me get these even.

Here another buttonhole/blanket stitch (one of my personal favorites). For these seams I used rayon thread in Petal Rose, two strands. To the upper one seeds beads in turquoise are added to the points. The lower seam lazy daisy and straight stitch form the flower base for a head of gold/orange beads, representing a flower bed.

I think I have lost my mind, time will tell. Along with the stockings, sane quilt, and soaping I have planned I have joined a purse contest and a year long challenge on my CQ list, Crazy Quilting International.

I won't be able to post the progress on the purse until the voting is done, but will keep a step by step for after.

The monthly challenge I can share. For January, it is piecing either in curves or landscape. We can choose to do the alternative challenge which is "Experiment to find materials that look like or can represent snow or snowflakes. I am working with curves........I think....LOL.

That is it for right now. Oh BTW..........we are getting RAIN, ya rain! It is 41 degrees, I WANT SNOW, NOT RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAA Rain = mud, with snow the mud can be deferred to spring. Grin.


Susan said...

Wow, it all looks great. It looks like you are doing a lot on the block. That zig-zag chain is a lot like the TAST stitch a few weeks back, I think.

I'm glad you are feeling better now. Hope the temps drop to snow, if that's what you want, and it doesn't cause any ice!

Susan said...

BTW, I'm giving you the Make My Day Award. Check my blog entry (which I'm still writing) later today.

Candi said...

Gail, you've been tagged for the" You Make My Day Award". Rules are on my blog.