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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I wanted to share some family pictures with you.

Alyssa (DSD), Michele (DDIL), Letha (DMIL), myself, Samantha (DD) and Destiny (DGD)

Everette (DFIL), Codey (GS #5), Josh (DS), Kirk (DH), Andy (DSIL),
Tristan (GS#2), Brandyn (GS#3), Konner (GS#4), Bryce (GS#1)

It was so wonderful to spend time with our children and grandchildren, and Kirk's parents. What a blessed time it was. We also spent time with Kirk's sister Yolanda and family, and our good friends Gilbert and Cathy. We could not have asked for a better Christmas.

The new year, I hope, will be a good one. We are looking forward to spending Christmas here in Wyoming next year with all our loved ones. We have alot to do to prepare for Christmas 2008 with the big project, an addition to our house. If you'd like to keep track of that I invite you to visit my other blog...........http://newlifewy.blogspot.com/...............this is where I talk about the things that go on around our little Wyoming homestead.

Looking forward to this new year, I am planning some new soaps for my Etsy shop, beginning with Valentines Day.........yes an unabashed advertisement, LOL. 3 new soaps are on the horizon so keep a watch out for them at .........Big Horn Mountain Creations .......you can always see new items that have been posted to my shop, on the side bar of this blog.

One of my goals for this year is to make each of my family a new CQed Christmas stocking, so I will be posting my progress on that project. That is 12 stocking, one a month......hummmmmm we shall see how well I do on this.

I have way to many ideas for this year that is for sure, I will be pleased if I can get those that I have mentioned here done. I will also be involved in several RR, along with another of my lists, studying stitches, through Carole Samples book. I have several quilts to finish up and of course to begin.

So along with the new addition, gardening, regular house stuff, and my sewing I might just have a busy year.

May the Lord Bless each of us with health, strength and loads of love of family and friends.

Happy New Year!


Susan said...

Your family pics are great. I can't believe Codey is so big already!

Your plan for the year sounds busy, busy, busy! And adding on to the house on top of that!

Franie said...

You make my head spin Gail. You have a lot going on this new year but it is grand isn't it? What a beautiful family. Thank you for telling us who each person is and how related.

Judy S. said...

Happy New Year to you, too! Our 2 daughters had some wonderful Girl Scout adventures in Wyoming and lots of fond memories as well.