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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation Quilt 6

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Quilt

Part 6

Welcome back to the progress on this fun quilt
Today I began working on the
3 borders for the quilt
First is a 1 1/2 inch midnight blue
keeping with using the shirts for this quilt
I cut 2 inch strips for the first border this morning
(won't bore you with that process)
and sewed them to the quilt.

Next I began construction of the main border
which is 6 inches wide and incorporates
yokes, sleeves and more blocks.

To begin I cut apart and squared up the 
back yokes from the shirts, no point in having
extra layers of fabric to quilt thorough and 
add weight to an already very heavy quilt. 
 After squaring up the yokes some needed to be added to
(another thing I won't bore you with, besides I forgot to take a picture).
 The sleeves have wonderful embroidery on them and this will go in the border, too
Ready to cut.
 The quilt has become to big to fit across my king size bed
so it is a bit crumpled up.
Now you can see the first border and the lower 2nd border
Remember to click for a bigger picture
 The upper 2 borders, sorry the picture is off kilter, 
I took it upside down, so it would be right side up. 
A close up of the lower border, with a bit of the black fabric that will
be the last border so you can get an idea what it will be like.
Yes, I plan for the one yoke to stay like that into the final border
cool, yes?
Tomorrow I will not be working on the quilt, we have to head 
to town and do some cabinet work.

So stay tuned, I will be back at it on Friday.

Please leave a comment, I love to hear from you all.

God Bless and Keep you.


The only and only Lady: said...

Lookin good! Enjoy your day off from quilting...you deserve it!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you did this. You are so creative, Gail!