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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation Quilt

 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Quilt

I have been asked to make a quilt for

I will be using commemorative shirts to construct the quilt.
This quilt is being donated to the foundation
by several local families.
It will be auctioned off at one of their affairs in March.

 On Tuesday February 1,
I was given this stack of shirts to use 
in constructing the quilt.
Beautiful shirts.
With great graphic logos

 The deadline for this quilt is February 28
It is a queen size quilt.
So I began cutting apart the shirts, 
starting at about noon and stopped to take
inventory about 6 pm (with a few little breaks inbetween).
 Above are the shirt backs with logos

 Shirt backs without logos, but will be used for fabric.

 Shirt sleeves

 Extras with possibilities

 Shirt fronts with logos

After dinner (thank goodness for left overs).
I decided I needed some direction so I 
cut out shapes for the large motifs (like you'd do for funiture
when your decorating a room)
Once I found a pleasing arrangement
I taped them down.
Next I put in the outer border
and began filling in the center.
There will be two borders
the outer most I am thinking will be black and 3 inches wide
Next will be a 6 inch border, 
it will house numerous items from the shirts.
 This morning (Wed), more cutting, 
prepare the element for the top
Large motifs cut to size

 Smaller motifs cut and sewing has begun.

 A star from a shirt front and strips from a shirt
Star fabric with strips.  
These are 6 inch blocks, the 4 together makes a 12 inch 
component for the quilt
 More small motifs awaiting placement
 These 6 inch squares were shoulder pads on the shirts
they are awaiting placement.
 Another component which will be going into the border are the
yokes from the shirts.
That is it for today's post.
I am beginning to cut the fabric into 3 1/2 inch strips
so I can begin making 6 inch four patches for fill blocks
then I can begin constructing the top.

Now I think it is time to shop for some fabric for the
back of the quilt.

Until next time
May God Bless you and keep you.


Moira said...

Looking great! Great idea to lay it out on the graph paper so you'd know what to cut and how to place it.

Fran said...

Wow! I'm impressed at how quickly you've moved on this to a terrific design. The shirts are just wonderful. What a fun project it must be. The graph paper model you did reminds me of what I did to place my furniture when I moved last year so I would know what would fit here and what I had to store.

soggibottom said...

Oh ! special lady :-) x x x

Anonymous said...

How Beautiful. You are indeed a wonderful artist. Make sure you let me see the end result or make sure y ou post to face book each step that you do. I want to start a quilt but I have never done it. I am artistic and have a book for a simple one to start off with. Looking forward to watching you make this piece of art that group is awfully lucky to have found you

Anonymous said...

Gail, what a lot of work, but it looks fabulous. This is going to be wonderful, and they are lucky you are there to do it for them. You're moving along so fast!

Kay said...

You go girl!!! I'm impressed. Will send out to a couple of people so they can watch your progress.
Thanks for what you are doing for us,
Kay Clark