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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Turquoise & Brown Split 9 Patch

 Turquoise & Brown Split 9 Patch

it is time to work on my daughters quilt again.

 In October of 2010 I started to work on this quilt
but things have changed a bit  (you can see that here)
if you go and see the orginal beginnings you will find 
that the colors have changed.  

We changed from greens and browns to
turquoise and browns (only one of the original browns made the cut). 
You see I have wanted to make a quilt for her for a long time
but she kept changing her colors, like every 6 months to a year so I waited
and I thought we had it, but once again we changed, 
but this time I think it is a go.  
Besides if she ever wants a quilt  this will have to be it.  LOL
You can visit Samantha @ 
she is working hard on her new home and is sharing
her progress.

Ok back to the quilt.

The pattern is the same, a split 9 patch.
I got the pattern from Quilters Cache  
The blocks are 9 inches and we are making a king size.
The new fabrics
Sewing begins....

The paper that you see below is so cool.
Normally to do a 1/2 square triangle you cut your
square and then cut it in half again from point to point to 
make a triangle, then you sew it to another 
 triangle of a differing fabric.

Well with this paper, instead you.........
Place two strips of fabric (in this case 9 inches wide)
right sides together, then you pin the paper
in place on top of them like so.
Then you sew on the dotted lines in the direction of the arrows.
Using a very small stitch.  You see two sets of arrows?
This indicates that you have two dotted lines to sew on 
either side of the solid line. 
Once that is done you begin to cut apart the paper on the solid lines

Until you have all of the triangles cut apart
 and when you open it up, you have your square composed of
2 - 1/2 square triangles.  Pretty cool.
Once you press it open you can remove the paper.
The paper removes very easily because you used 
a small stitch and it perforated the paper nicely.
Set one of the triangles are done, with set two awaiting sewing.
Now I have to tell you that my assistant Missy Moew, 
keeps a close eye on my work and helps hold things down (not always what I want her to do).
She also has an opinion on where the pins belong, some she finds 
to intriguing to leave along (I have to watch her closely, she likes
to steal them and chew on them, not a good idea)
She also inspects the needle as I sew (nose up close) and
wants to put her paw in there to play with the needle, needless
to say, she get shooed away.  As soon as the machine starts going
she is in the middle of things.  I don't mind until she 
gets to close to danger.
Set #2 being sewn
and completed
Next up strips cut at 3 1/2 inches, these will be sewn together
in strip sets of 2 each

and then cut at 3 1/2 inches
Once combine you will have
a quilt block
only 131 more to go.
So onward and upward, 

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Quilt was picked up today
the owner won't see it until Friday sometime, but her rep was 
more the happy with the results.
I hope to be able to share with you how it did at auction.

So now we shall work on the T&B quilt for my daughter
I also am binding the quilt for my grandson Codey
I will share that picture soon 
have a hugs quilt on the long arm waiting to be quilted.
It is good to stay busy.

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May God Bless and Keep you
God Bless America


The only and only Lady: said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I will not be changing my mind...I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE COLORS!!! Thanks mom for being SO patient and having the willingness to change my quilt!!!

The only and only Lady: said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I will not be changing my mind...I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE COLORS!!!! Thanks mom for being patient while I grew up in my colors!!

Anonymous said...

I like the new colors. I didn't realize when I was on Samantha's blog that this was the quilt with the changing of the minds so often!