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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pauline's RR block

My additions to Pauline's beautiful heart block are the seam treatments on the brown/orange/green/pink fan blades,
(the rose motif was added by Rendi).
I also added the button hole stitch with french knots around the inside of the pink lace. Below is a picture of the whole block so you can she how she did this, it is my understanding that it will become a pillow.


Susan said...

Wow, you did a lot of work on this one. Is that *our* Pauline? =) I like all of the seams you did, but that first one is really pretty, as well as fairly simple.

Gail said...

Yes, Susan, it is *our* Pauline. The block design is very pretty and enough different that I was stumped as to what to add. I am glad you like the treatments, they are all quit simple in their impact, I have not seen the block since and do not know what else has been added.