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Friday, November 17, 2006

Flight of Fancy - RR

This is Lillian's work, pretty SR flowers and a butterfly.

Here is the block with all the lovely works. Isn't it a beauty? I am beginning work on the remainder of the block and will update you as I go along. Next I will finish up the fan RR block an then I think I need to explore some different colors.....LOL, everything lately has been pink and green.

I got back to sewing today, working on my granddaughters Christmas quilt. It is approaching half done. It starts with 2 circles of fabric and a circle of batting, squared X 88.........any ideas what it might look like?


JK said...

Oh these are really lovely! I have to admit, I love soft colors, so these really caught my eye. Would like to see the progress on your grand-daughter's quilt, I think she is going to love it!

Susan said...

Lillian's stitching is lovely and delicate. All of the block is. I'm wondering how her flowers were done.

The only thing that comes to mind for the circles squared is Cathedral Windows. =)

Charlene said...

This is so pretty, soft and delicate. Hum...a donut quit. I'm not a sane quilter, but thing that's what the little pulled circles of cloth are called??