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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Got Milk?

I didn't do any stitching today, nor any sewing....never even touched my machine, a needle or thread.

After waking up to $1 size snowflakes that filled the air, floating down sideways, I took to the kitchen. Cooking up some soap....Goats Milk, oatmeal, honey and almond. Then I got out the powdered goats milk, oatmeal, salts, honey powder and vanilla musk fragrance oil and put together some lovely milk bath.

Then as if that were not enough messin up the kitchen, it was time to make some friendship bread, it has been awhile since we had any and with the colder weather today, snow and wind...this is the perfect treat.

Needless to say.................we went out to dinner.

Now after watching Dancing with the Stars, it is time for night, night.

See you all tomorrow.


Charlene said...

Aren't you the multi-faceted woman! Imagine that soap is wonderful for the skin. So, who do you think will take it? I think Mario is the best, technically, but Emmitt looks like he's having such a great time I believe it would be more fun to dance with him!!

JK said...

I loved reading this. I can fondly remember my foster mom making not soap, but homemade soup and baked bread during those cold, snowy days back in Mass. Don't miss the snow, but sure miss that soup!

Susan said...

I love the soaps you made for me. I think they still smell so good! The soup sounds good, too.