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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Today & Flight of Fancy RR

Well, I managed another day without stitching or fabric, I think I am a bit burnt out.

The soap looks really good and you know the friendship bread is good, LOL. It is a beautiful day
wonderful blue skies, spent 2 hour + on the phone with my DIL, Michele. The baby is quit active now, just a few more months (March). We are having a boy and they are thinking of naming him
Codey Hayden, our 6th grandchild. Also played ball with Lady and Rusty 3 times, Lady lives to play ball and Rusty does not understand the game yet, he is only 4 months old.

I am sharing another picture from the work on my Butterfly RR. Here we see, work done by Debbie R. she has done a lovely SRE butterfly, flitting around a lovely pussy willow branch along with two silver butterfly charms. She also chain-stitched around the large center butterfly with Japanese silk twist thread, adding antennae with pearl beads. Thank you Debbie.

Well, off to get dinner on the table and ready for Dancing with the Stars. Oh, yes I was asked about whom I thought would win. Both men are so very talented, but I have to say that Mario has been my favorite from the first show. We shall see.


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Susan said...

Wonderful blue skies and freezing temps? LOL! But no traffic!

I love the bit that Debbie did. That branch is terrific.

Not feeling like doing much quilty stuff? Is all the longarming done for a while?